October 2020 Calendar Printable

I see people discussing planning and scheduling. Can we survive without planning and scheduling in this dynamic world? and the answer to this is that we can’t survive without planning and scheduling because as things upgraded you also need to get upgraded with the time if you don’t cope with the change then you are different from the rest part of the world. October 2020 Calendar Printable helps you to plan according to the changes as we provided the updated information in our calendars so that you are aware of the information around you.

Not only it’s about planning it also helps you in managing the plans you working on such as you decided to maintain your weight throughout the month so it helps you to remind the time for your diet meals that you have to eat throughout the day, exercise time and schedule.

Our content is for personal use not for commercial use as we provide information about different months of the year which includes important days to remember, Holidays, amazing facts bout that particular month and also places to visit this month. If you are using our content then do backlink our website so that other people also reach us.

October 2020 Calendar Printable

October 2020 Calendar Printable

Existence Of October

The name of this month origins from octa which means eight. It is the 8th month according to the modern day’s calendar having a length of 31 days. This month is the autumn season of the northern hemisphere. Calendula is the flower of this month.

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This month also is known as the Halloween month you can plan for Halloween themed party with your family and friends. You enjoy this festival with full joy and happiness to make it more memorable days so that when you remember these days it makes you happy and refresh your memories.

Interesting Facts About October

  • People can witness the changing color of leaves in this month.
  • It is a fact that if the deer have a grey coat then there will be a hard cold this month.
  • You are able to see the first full moon of winter in October.

Important Days Of October

World Teacher’s Day 

This is celebrated on the occasion of honoring the teachers who are the future builder of any nation. They play a vital role in every individual life. This day is celebrated in 1994 all over the world just after the UNESCO recommendation. The motive of this day is to raise awareness regarding the issue related to teachers and teaching.

Columbus Day 

This day is the federal holiday in the US. It is celebrated as on this day Christopher Columbus arrived a man who discovered America. The main aim is to open sea to India, China, and other countries.  This day is celebrated on the second Monday each year.

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Conclusion – 

Through our articles about each month of the year. We provide information such as events in that month, places to visit with your friends and family and also make aware of the important days of that month. We provide the calendar in printable form so that you can easily download it.

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