Yearly Calendar 2020 – 12 Month Printable Planner Template

Dear friends, we are offering you the best yearly calendar 2020 for free. On the burn fire, you have to take the best design and beautiful calendar for the management of your personal work, professional work, and homework. Most of the calendars websites provide you only monthly or yearly but we provide you all calendars in which all information is mentioned like holidays information.

We also provide you a blank note at the bottom of the calendar in which you are writing or note your special day or events day that will help you recognized that day. You can get in JPG, jpeg, and PDF format. This calendar is helping you in most things like homework, gym schedule, companies, events, birthdays, etc. You can edit or crop easily without any problems.


Calendars basically many types like a monthly, yearly, week. In these calendars, you can take every single piece of information like holidays, events or other information. We can organize our upcoming events with the help of the Holidays calendar. A businessman can use the calendar to a new ideas about his business management.

When you look for any month, you have to get monthly information like January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. In a week you have got the knowledge day by day like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, etc.


The Gregorian calendar is a very famous and most using calendar in the world. It is named after Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in October 1582. Different cast or religions peoples have different languages calendars are used.

There are many types of calendars in this world as the Japanese calendar, Buddhist calendar, Chinese calendar, etc. These are the different calendar systems in the world. All peoples in the world are used different kinds of calendars for different purposes.


12 Months Calendar

  • January 2020 Calendar
  • February 2020 Calendar
  • March 2020 Calendar
  • April 2020 Calendar
  • May 2020 Calendar
  • June 2020 Calendar
  • July 2020 Calendar
  • August 2020 Calendar
  • September 2020 Calendar
  • October 2020 Calendar
  • November 2020 Calendar
  • December 2020 Calendar

Here, we give you briefly explained calendars monthly wise. In this calendar you get all the information like as you want, you can set these calendars according to you means you will crop it or you will get these calendars in all formats. In these calendars, you should write a note according to you on which day you have to work or not.

January 2020

January is the special month for everyone because this month decides how to start the whole year if the first month has gone the best month so the whole year should be a blast for everyone. Here we provide you January 2020 calendar for the good start of your whole year. In this calendar, you will write a note also for reminding of something you forget. You can mark the date as well means if you marked one date this month so you will don’t forget anything this month.

January 2020 calendar



Below are the some January holiday is mention those are celebrated in the US country.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Wednesday New Year’s Day 2020
4th Saturday National Trivia Day
5th Sunday National Bird Day
6th Monday Epiphany
7th Tuesday Orthodox Christmas
21st Tuesday Martin Luther King Jr.
26th Sunday Australia Day

1st January

1st January is the first festival of the year it is known as New year’s day. On this day all are very excited to enjoy this day. This is a day where everyone meets their old friends and families and makes different types of resolutions.

In January month two big festivals are come:- New Year Day and Martin Luther King Jr Day.

21st January

This day is celebrated in 2020 US on 21st January. This day is basically celebrated for shines a light on civil rights and honors his legacy. 

February 2020

In 2020 this is a leap year so there are 29 days in this February month. This month is basically for the Romeos because there is the only month in which they express their love. They were expressed in different types some peoples express their love by marriage proposals or some by giving gifts like flowers, rings, etc. We can give you the best calendar with notes and you will mark the date of your special day and enjoy that moment without forgetting.


In this table all the big holidays of February 2020 are mention which is celebrated in the United States:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
2nd Sunday Groundhog Day
2nd Sunday Super Bowl
4th Tuesday World Cancer Day
9th Sunday National Pizza Day
14th Friday Valentine’s Day
17th Monday President’s Day

14th February

14th February is a day in which day lovers are express their love with each other and this day is known as Valentine Day. Most of the peoples in the world are eagerly waiting for this day. Valentine’s day is one of the most popular festivals in the year. 

17th February

17th February is the day that is known as President’s Day. This day is the birth date of George Washington’s. He is the first president of the United States.

March 2020

This month is basically is known for all the companies who have not managed their accounts properly because this month all tax details and accounts will be filled. so every organization should be maintained account properly. This month is the closing financial month of the year. Every organization must have a calendar and we provide you different month calendars. With the calendar, you will recognize the things easily.


In this table all the big holidays of March 2020 are mention which is celebrated in the United States:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
3rd Tuesday World Wildlife Day
6th Friday Nat’l. Oreo Day
6th Friday Employee Appreciation Day
8th Sunday International Women’s Day
10th Tuesday Holi
17th Tuesday Saint Patrick’s Day
19th Thursday Start of Spring (Spring Equinox)
28th Saturday Earth Hour

17th March

17th March is a day which is celebrated for St Patrick, he was born in Roman Britain in the late 4th century. This day is celebrated for his traditional death of St Patrick.

April 2020

After 3 months April comes. This month is known for April fool month. On this month all peoples were fool on each other or with their families. This month the weather is quite wet or sunshine at least for 13 hrs. You will manage all ups and downs with the help of April 2020 calendar. This calendar helps you a lot to manage many types of things like Board meetings, School meetings, Company events, etc. This calendar has a blank or extra note at the bottom of the calendar so here you are writing or marked the special date or meetings date this will help you attend the functions on a time.


In this table all the big holidays of April 2020 are mention which is celebrated in the United States:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Wednesday April Fool’s Day
7th Tuesday World Health Day
5th Sunday Palm Sunday
9th Thursday Holy Thursday
10th Friday Good Friday
12th Sunday Passover Start
12st Sunday Easter
22nd Wednesday Earth Day
24th Friday Arbor Day

10th April

10th April is a big day it is celebrated for Jesus. This day is also known as Good Friday. It is a big day of Christmas because this day remembers him when Jesus died for everyone.

22nd April 

22nd April is a day where we are live means on earth this day is called Earth day. This day shows the environmental protection of our earth. This event now includes in the global event because firstly this day celebrated in 1970. This day remembers you always that we are protecting our environment by pollution or not.

May 2020

It is 3rd month of the spring season. If you forget daily needs so don’t worry we provide you the best calendar which is very beneficial for you. This calendar is helping you remember your things daily. If you have urgent work but you forget it you will write on a note that we provide you on a calendar in this note you have to write your important meetings, birthdays, events, as a reminder. This note will help you a lot to remember your things.


In this chart, we mention the all-important holidays of May 2020:- 

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Friday May Day
10th Sunday Mother’s Day
16th Saturday Armed Forces Day
25th Monday Memorial Day
31st Sunday Pentecost

 12th May

12th May is a big day for all the mothers in this world it is called Mother’s Day. A woman named Anna Jarvis started a campaign for an official holiday honoring mothers. This day shows big respect and all the sacrifices of all the mothers which she has been done in life for their families.

25th May

25th May is an honoring day for all women and men who are in the military. This day is known as Memorial Day. On this day men and women are died for serving in the U.S military but it is originally known as Decoration Day.

June 2020

 June is 6th place in a year which consists of 30 days. It is also a spring season. Our calendar is easy to understand so you can easily find the days as you want. One more specialty in our calendar that we give you a blank note at the bottom of the calendar in this note you easily remember your meetings date, birthdays date, or event date.


This chart shows you the main holidays of June 2020 month:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
7th Sunday Trinity Sunday
8th Monday World Oceans Day
13th Saturday St Anthony
14th Friday Flag Day
21th Sunday Father’s Day
21th Sunday Yoga Day
29th Monday National Camera Day

14th June 

14th June it is not a public holiday on this day peoples work as usual like a normal day but this day represents the United States flag. This day is an honor of the United States.

21st June  

21st June is the special day for all the fathers in the world this day shows the big respect of every father who has sacrificed lots of things in his life for their families. This is the proud day of every father and their kids.

July 2020

July is the 7th month of the year. It comes from a famous Roman General “Julius Caesar”. Hera. we offer you the best July 2020 calendar to manage all the records of your office as well as home at a time. This calendar will help you to manage all the records in time. In this calendar, you have to mark the date which you want this will help you to remind that date on a time.


This table you show all-important holidays of July 2020:- 

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Wednesday Canada Day
4th Saturday Independence Day the USA
11th Saturday World Population Day
14th Tuesday Bastille Day
18th Saturday Nelson Mandela Day
26th Sunday Parent’s Day

4th July

4th July is the celebration day for the United States because on this day memorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

11th July

11th July is a world population day this day remembers you our population that increases day by day. This day has motivated you to protect our earth by increasing the population day by day.

August 2020

August 2020 is a month that consists of 31 days. This month originally is known as sextiles. This month you are making a plan for the holiday with their families and friends before making any plan you have to decide the best date of this month. Our calendar helps you to make the best day of your holidays. In this calendar make a note on which date you are planning for a holiday then this note helps you to remind that date.


This chart explains the important holidays of this August 2020 month:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Saturday National Girlfriend Day
2nd Sunday Friendship Day
7th Friday Purple Heart Day
10th Monday World Lion Day
12th Wednesday Int’ Youth Day
15th Saturday Assumption of Mary
20th Thursday Islamic New Year
29th Saturday Ashura Start

2nd August

In the United States 2nd, August is officially recognized as Friendship Day. On this day everyone sends friendship cards on each other. All of them enjoy that day with memorable moments.

15th August

It is celebrated as a national holiday in India is known as Independence Day. On 15th August 1947, India has independent from the United Kingdom.

September 2020

September name comes from a Latin word which means Seven. It is the first month of autumn season this month mainly parents preparing their kids for the school this month is the best month for all the kids. Every month everyone needs a calendar we provide you the simple and best calendar of every month which helps you are reminding your appointment date, meetings date, or any bookings date.



Here the chart of United States holidays which is to be celebrated in September 2020:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
7th Monday Labor Day
11th Friday Patriot Day
13th Sunday Grandparents Day
18th Friday Rosh Hashana Start
22th Tuesday Start of Fall (Autumnal Equinox)

7th September

It is the day that has shows respect towards Labour in this world this day is called Labour Day. It is a very proud moment for every labor who works in the United States as a worker.

11th September

This day feels only by a true patriot in the United States because on this day many peoples were injured and 3000 died during terrorist attacks. This day is known as Patriot Day.

October 2020

This month has come from Latin word Oct it means “Eight”. It was the eight-month of the year and also this is the second autumn season month before January and February were added to the beginning of the year. It is the tenth month of the year in the modern-day. This month is the favorite month because in September there is lots of school rush but in November and December it has holidays with lots of stress so this is the best month for making a plan of holidays.



This is the list of important holidays name which has given on the chart of October 2020:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Thursday Int’ Coffee Day
2nd Friday Sukkot Start
5th Monday World Teacher’s Day
12th Monday Columbus Day
31st Saturday Halloween

5th October

This day celebrates in around 95 countries and this day is known as World Teacher’s Day. This is the proud moment of all the teachers in the world. In school and colleges, all students have to make a surprise for their teachers and greet him by giving them special gifts.

12th October

This day reminds us of a controversial day because on this day Europeans settled in America only for the demise of the history. This day is called Columbus day.

November 2020

November derived from the Latin word Novem it means nine. This month basically has holidays were goes on but with lots of stresses. Lots of peoples were said that it the month when cold was begun at the mark in the United States. In the United States, this month is also known as National Beard Month or No Shave Month. 



This is the main weekends of this November 2020 Month:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Sunday All Saints Day
11th Wednesday Veterans Day
14th Saturday Diwali (India)
26th Thursday Thanksgiving Day
27th Friday Black Friday

26th November

It is the national holiday in the United States for celebrating the blessings of the past blast year. It was firstly held in the United States at Plymouth in 1621 and it was celebrated for the three days in 1621.

27th November

27th November is known as Black Friday on this day lots of traffic accidents has been created due to increasing the volume of the shoppers. In 1950 peoples has called this day is a sick day.

December 2020

It is the last month of the year. This month everyone wants to get finished their all pending work of the previous months. This month’s name is derived from a Latin word Decem which means ten. On this last month, everyone wants to make the best schedule for their work as step by step so our calendar helps you to make the best schedule step by step. This calendar provides you a blank note which is useful for your daily work like meetings, events, office, and home.



This chart shows you December 2020 month holiday as we showed you in below at the sheet:-

Date Weekday Holiday Name
1st Tuesday World Aids Day
4th Friday National Cookie Day
10th Thursday Human Rights Day
10th Thursday Hanukkah Start
25th Friday Christmas
26th Saturday Boxing Day

25th December

This day is known as Christmas day. It is the day when Santa Claus is come and gives lots of gifts for children likes sweets, candies, etc. On this day everyone enjoys their families or friends with lots of sharing their sweets and gifts with each other.

31st December

It is the last day of the year when everyone enjoys this day at the party with their friends and partners eating, dancing, and drinking alcohol and sees the fireworks on that night. It is New Year’s Eve. This day is the memorable day of every year.

Conclusion – 

We hope you will get all the information regarding our calendars that you want. You can make schedules easily with the help of our calendars you can easily crop or customize that you want. You get these calendars in JPG, JPEG, and PDF formats. Please give your suggestions about these calendars or writing in a comment box.